Non-Shrink Grout

In addition to our state-of-the-art concrete, slurry, and aggregate products, Angelle Materials is proud to offer our clients Ready Grout! Ready Grout is Bayou’s proprietary non-shrink grout delivered in a concrete mixer truck. Available for all non-shrink applications, this grout solution offers you significant potential cost savings with its easy installation process. Ready Grout meets ASTM C1107 standards for non-shrink cementitious bagged grout and is perfect for connecting precast members, level foundations and providing bearings for structural members. With minimal clean-up and reduced labor costs, you can experience incredible savings where large quantities of a non-shrink grout solution are required.


Why Choose Non-Shrink Grout?

There are a number of reasons to choose non-shrink grout for your next project, but the biggest advantage it has is in its name — it doesn’t shrink! Traditional grout often shrinks as it hardens. On a construction site, that can lead to gaps in a building’s foundation, reducing its structural integrity and increasing the chances for leaks or damage down the road. You simply cannot afford such a risk!

What’s more, Ready Grout can be installed on large areas much more quickly and easily than bagged non-shrink gravel, and often requires less clean-up afterwards, too. Because Ready Grout is delivered via a concrete mixer truck, it requires less manpower and labor to install.

Ready Grout is one of the most reliable and cost-effective non-shrink grouts on the market, and when it’s installed by the expert hands of Angelle Materials technicians, you can continue with your project knowing that you’ve built it on a solid foundation. Call Angelle Materials in Baton Rouge today to get started saving today!