Success starts from the ground up. When you’re planning a new construction or renovation project, it’s critical that you establish a solid foundation, both figuratively and literally, by hiring a reliable concrete supplier partner. But how does one know what to look for beyond comparing the quotes of different bids?

Don’t sweat it. Angelle Materials has decades of experience in the concrete industry, and we’re to help guide your decision-making process. There are a number of key factors you should consider when evaluating prospective concrete suppliers for a project, including the amount of variety in the types of concrete and concrete-related products they offer, their experience, their ability to meet special construction standards, and their proximity to your project’s work site.

Variety In Product Offerings

A quality concrete supplier should be able to offer you a wide variety of types of concrete and concrete-related products. They should be able to offer you traditional concrete, colored concrete, wet and dry batch capabilities, grout, slurry, and whatever else you need for a successful build.

At Angelle Materials, we offer all that and more, including conveniences and innovations such as portable concrete plants and Smart Rock Plus mobile concrete monitoring technology to save you time and money on your construction projects. We offer more than 2,500 unique concrete mix designs! We put in the work to give you the ultimate power of choice and precision for the needs of your projects.


When choosing a concrete supplier, you should seek out a company with good reviews and a longstanding record of service. The success of any project is laid in its foundation (literally), and you should not cut corners on quality just to save a few dollars. Angelle Materials is one of the oldest companies of any kind in the Baton Rouge area — we’ve been the primary concrete supplier for construction throughout the region for 70 years and counting. All of our concrete delivery drivers are pure professionals, fully NRMCA-certified to provide quick, courteous, and efficient service.

Green Building Capabilities

The more we come to understand in the scientific field, the more we can improve the quality of our construction. When choosing a concrete supplier, it pays to seek out a company with the ability to offer you the materials you need to build in a ‘green’ way. Angelle Materials is proud to be the only company in the area to participate in the NRMCA’s industry-wide EPD program. In other words, we’re the only concrete supplier in Baton Rouge that can help you meet new requirements in green building rating systems, such as LEED v4. Choose us as your concrete supplier to meet green building targets and earn tax credits!

Strategically Located

One of the biggest concrete-related costs in a project budget is the cost of physically transporting the materials to your work site. Therefore, it is financially imperative that you choose a concrete supplier that has concrete batch plants near your work site! At Angelle Materials, we’ve worked hard to make ourselves the most convenient and cost-effective option for builders in Baton Rouge by opening wet and dry batch concrete plants in six strategic locations throughout the area. For builders in unique situations at remote work sites, we also offer two portable concrete plants to help you save money on your concrete.

Our Concrete Supply & Service Offerings

Angelle Materials has been with Baton Rouge builders and businesses for generations. For more than 70 years, our concrete and concrete products have been laying the foundation for new growth throughout the region. The Baton Rouge community has been good to us, and we’ve aimed to repay their kindness by establishing concrete supply plants at seven strategic locations throughout the area and two portable concrete plants to make it easier than ever for builders to get fresh, high-quality concrete for their construction projects.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of concrete products, from more than 2,500 unique concrete mixes to special grouts, aggregates, and state-of-the-art dustless cement slurry. We’re also the only concrete supplier in Louisiana to offer Smart Rock Plus™, an innovative technology that allows project managers to monitor concrete strength and temperature on-site in real time as it sets! We communicate regularly with clients and industry colleagues to stay on the forefront of what builders need to support efficient, cost-effective construction. Continue reading to learn more about core concrete products and services!

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is one of the most popular products we offer here at Angelle Materials! This type of concrete presents many benefits to builders that traditional dry mix concrete can’t compete with. These include:

  • Consistent Quality — Whereas dry mix concrete is prepared on-site, ready-mix concrete is batched ahead of time in controlled conditions before being transported to the work site, resulting in concrete that is much more consistently mixed.
  • Efficient Use Of Material — It’s easier to produce a precise amount of concrete via the ready-mix method than it is with dry mix concrete and water.
  • Less Polluting — Installing ready-mix concrete is less intensive and produces far less dust than installing dry mix concrete does.
  • Cost-Effective — Ready-mix concrete can be poured more quickly than dry mix, and the process requires labor and supervision, too. It saves you time, money, and hassle.

Visit our Ready-Mix Concrete page for more details.

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Colored Concrete

Our colored concrete can be an asset for any project! Colorado concrete may be most often valued for the boost it provides to a property’s aesthetics, but it possess many qualities that would make it an invaluable fit for your next construction project:

  • Stain-Resistant — Colored concrete is best used in high-foot traffic areas and driveways in a project, as it conceals dirt and stains more effectively than traditional light gray concrete.
  • Durable — The addition of color to concrete mix can make the resulting concrete more durable and stain-resistant than traditional concrete.
  • Beautifying — Colored concrete boosts the curb appeals of the properties it’s installed on, potentially raising their value on the market. It can also be used as a cost-effective alternative to stone or tile flooring indoors!

Check out our Colored Concrete page for further information.

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Cement Slurry

We’re the only concrete supplier in Baton Rouge to offer SuperSlurry™, a liquefied cement slurry from TXI that provides builders virtually dust-free soil stabilization! This pre-mixed cement slurry is taking all the hassle out of the traditional stabilization process:

  • The virtually dust-free application process eliminates the visibility issues, personnel health and safety concerns, and equipment wear and tear that’s typically part of the traditional slurry application process
  • Water trucks are almost never needed for SuperSlurry installation
  • SuperSlurry can be applied faster than dry cement mix
  • Builders can reclaim to whatever depth they want and mix the material with SuperSlurry, reducing your hauling needs and CO2 emissions by up to 90%

Visit our Dustless Cement Slurry page to learn more about SuperSlurry.

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Portable Concrete Plants

For builders working on projects in remote locations that still want to enjoy the benefits of ready-mix concrete, Angelle Materials offers two portable concrete plants for rental! Portable concrete plants allow you to batch fresh, ready-mix concrete on-site and precisely control the quality and quantity of the concrete mixes produced. If you need to adhere to strict, job-specific concrete mix designs for your project, adjust concrete production on the fly during your project, or require high volumes of ready-mix concrete at your remote work site, portable concrete plants could be ideal for you! Visit our Portable Concrete Plants service page to learn more.

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Need aggregate materials for your next project? At Angelle Materials, we offer you the same high-quality aggregates that we use as ingredients in our own batches of concrete. We want to set you up with the finest materials you need to make your build a success. We offer a variety of types of aggregates, including:

  • Fine aggregates
  • Coarse aggregates
  • Gravel
  • Pea gravel
  • Fill Dirt
  • Sand

In addition to being the biggest concrete supplier in the Baton Rouge area, we’ll proudly offer aggregates for projects or builders in Zachary, Plaquemine, Port Allen, Denham Springs, Gonzales, and Livingston, as well. Visit our Aggregates page for more details on our offerings.

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Ready Grout

Reap additional savings for your next project with Ready Grout, a non-shrink grout that’s delivered freshly mixed to your work site via concrete mixer truck! This special grout applies to large areas far more quickly than traditional bagged grout, offering you the potential to save significantly on time and labor costs. In addition to the cost savings, Ready Grout offers a multitude of benefits for builders:

  • Perfect for connecting precast members, supporting structural pieces, and levelling foundation
  • Faster and more cost-effective to install than similar non-shrink grout options
  • Requires minimal clean-up following installation
  • Does not decrease from its original install volume when hardening
  • Meets ASTM C1107 standards for non-shrink cementitious bagged grout

Visit our Ready Grout page for more details on this innovative grout!

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SmartRock Plus

Angelle Materials is the only concrete supplier in Louisiana certified to offer builder Smart Rock Plus: a mobile concrete monitoring technology that allows project managers to monitor the temperature and strength of curing concrete right on site! These innovative concrete sensors provide accurate results in a fraction of the time of lab tests, allowing you to potentially save weeks of time on your construction project instead of weighting for the results of frequently error-prone cylinder break tests. This state-of-the-art technology offers your company many benefits:

  • Smart Rock Plus sensors are waterproof, durable, and designed to withstand tough conditions
  • Smart Rock Plus connects wirelessly to your smartphone
  • The Smart Rock Plus mobile app is user-friendly, offering you real-time data on concrete temperature, strength, maturity info, and more
  • With Smart Rock Plus, you can share full PDF or CSV reports instantly with all the stakeholders for your project
  • You can track and review multiple Smart Rock Plus projects with the Giatec 360 cloud dashboard

Smart Rock Plus can truly save you days, if not weeks, on your construction timeline, and Angelle Materials is the only concrete supplier in Louisiana that offers it. Visit our Smart Rock Plus page to learn more about this incredible technology and read client testimonials!

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Concrete Delivery

At Angelle Materials, we want everyone to benefit from our 70 years and counting of industry experience. That’s why we train our staff with the fully-digital concrete mixer driver certification program, CDP Online! This unique program allows us to level up our staff and optimize our concrete delivery processes to save our clients money. This program covers the essentials of concrete delivery, including:

  • Product knowledge
  • Environmental issues
  • Customer and company relations
  • Vehicle maintenance and operations
  • Safety

This program allows our staff to gain the knowledge necessary to meet federal concrete supplier certification standards. When you choose Angelle, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your concrete delivery partners are fully certified and among the most experienced and professional drivers you could hire. Visit our Concrete Delivery Training page below to learn more about the standards we hold ourselves to!

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Choose A Trusted Local Concrete Supplier

For builders throughout the Baton Rogue area, there simply is no concrete supplier that can offer more experienced, comprehensive, and cost-effective service than Angelle Materials. We’ve been in business for generations, and we continue to set the industry standard with our highly trained and certified staff, diverse concrete products, and innovative technology offerings to save you time and money on your builds. Call us today to talk about the needs of your next project, and lay the foundation for your success.

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