Thanks to Angelle Materials and SuperSlurry, customers in Louisiana now have a choice.

We’re proud to offer our clients SuperSlurry, the revolutionary liquefied cement slurry developed by TXI gives you virtually dust-free soil stabilization — and we are the only concrete supply company in the region that offers it.

SuperSlurry has many advantages over traditional slurry, the biggest one being that it eliminates many problems caused by the dust in traditional slurry, such as the health and safety of personnel, and damage or increased wear to equipment.

Because SuperSlurry is pre-mixed, water trucks are almost never needed for the liquid soil stabilizer application of this cement slurry, which increases efficiency and saves you money. SuperSlurry can also be applied at a faster rate than dry cement, saving you even more time and money.

When it comes to full-depth reclamation, SuperSlurry offers even more great advantages. Clients can reclaim to whatever depth they want and mix the material with the slurry. This can reduce your hauling needs and CO2 emissions by up to 90% – resulting in greatly increased efficiency and huge cost savings on your projects.

SuperSlurry is unlike any other liquid soil stabilizer product ever developed, because it maximizes cement particle distribution and provides unmatched consistency. This patented process bonds soil particles together, resulting in decreased permeability and increased structural value and compressive strength.

But don’t take our word for it – take a look at our test results and hard data that proves the performance of SuperSlurry.

Click here to download SuperSlurry specifications.

Super Slurry Evaluation – 7 Day Breaks – Treated with 8%

Lab Molded- Prior to Field

Sample #

Super Slurry

Portland Cement Only

Efficiency Gain

1 483.5 354.1 36.5 %
2 419.0 226.1 85.3 %
3 468.3 428.8 9.2 %
Average 456.9 336.3 35.9 %

The two cores pictured side-by-side here were both taken from the same project.
The core on the left was taken from a section using Dry Cement, and the one on the right was taken from a section using our Cement SuperSlurry.

As you can see, by adding water to the cement at our concrete batch plant, we can achieve much better cement distribution throughout the substrate than via the traditional process of applying the cement dry, then adding water during the mixing of the dry cement and substrate. This is also the reason for the higher compressive strengths in the SuperSlurry cores versus the conventional Dry Cement cores.

For more proof of the advantages of the SuperSlurry system, take a look at our videos showing how we were able to spread cement slurry in a tight area without having to move any of the sensitive equipment located nearby.

You can also view photos of some of the many slurry projects we have successfully completed including:

Visit the Super Slurry website for test data.

We invite you to contact us today to let us show you why SuperSlurry is the ideal choice for your next project.