COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Plan

The following is a COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Plan regarding our response to COVID-19 and its impact on our employees and operations. Our top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, and our community. Our Business is considered essential work under the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidelines: Construction.

In an effort to prevent the continued spread of the COVID-19 viral outbreak, we are implementing the following precautions and restrictions as preventative measures:

  1. Implement social distancing and non-pharmaceutical strategies (e.g., exercising personal hygiene, and avoiding crowded areas, the ill, and non-essential group meetings). This includes no gathering of 10 people or more.
  2. Cease all business travel and visits to client locations. The only exception is if the party scheduled to visit approves the visit. All employees that can work from home are doing so.
  3. All employees should be instructed to remain out of the office unless absolutely necessary; when human interaction is necessary for the transfer of documents, gloves should be worn by both parties.
  4. Drivers are not required to get delivery tickets signed by the customer but must sign the customers name when applicable on the delivery tickets; customers will be instructed not to touch the ready-mix trucks and to follow the 6’ distancing protocol.
  5. If any equipment needs to be repaired by a mechanic, the equipment will be wiped down with a disinfectant before it is repaired and again after it is repaired upon delivery to the employee.
  6. Employees who are not able to work from home; Practice good hand washing hygiene. Wash hands regularly as a first line of defense, use hand sanitizers of 60% alcohol content or above, and cover mouth for a cough or sneeze with your inside elbow, not your hands. Avoid shaking hands and practice social distancing at all times (6’ or more).
  7. Employees who are either sick with symptoms being associated with COVID-19 (e.g., respiratory symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, fever) or other potentially contagious illnesses or have been exposed to someone with these symptoms or conditions will not be allowed in Angelle Materials offices, facilities, or work environments. Please report these concerns to your Supervisor immediately.
  8. Employees experiencing respiratory illness should contact their healthcare professional and should not return to work until they are deemed safe to re-enter the workplace, which will require a medical release. Please report this condition to your Supervisor at the first onset.

We appreciate your support in helping us to mitigate the effect of the Coronavirus in our company and the community. Stay safe and well.