In today’s competitive real estate market, homeowners and property developers alike are looking for cost-effective ways to set their properties apart from the rest. 

Enter colored concrete. Despite it maybe seeming like a frivolous aesthetic choice on the surface, colored concrete is actually a high-value addition that can be a cost-effective investment for any property owner willing to pay a little extra for their concrete. 

As Baton Rouge’s most trusted concrete supplier, we at Angelle Materials know the benefits that colored concrete can add to your property. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing how colored concrete can add value to your home! Read on to learn more. 


Why Choose Colored Concrete?

It conceals stains. Colored concrete hides stains and signs of wear much better than traditional gray or light-gray concrete, which are often visibly dirtied over time by foot traffic. This allows freshly-poured colored concrete to retain its value for longer than traditional concrete, despite needing a similar amount of maintenance. 

It’s sturdier than traditional concrete. Colorado concrete is more durable than traditional gray concrete due to the addition of color chips and other additives during the colored concrete production process. This makes it not only more stain-resistant, but also slightly more resistant to wear than traditional concrete. Due to these characteristics, colored concrete is most effective in high foot traffic areas, such as sidewalks and garage floors. 

It makes your property unique. Every good property owner knows the value of curb appeal, and colored concrete can pay for itself with the aesthetic value it adds to your property alone. Colored concrete can make a neighborhood appear brighter and more inviting, or help an individual home stand out from others on its block. 


Where On A Property Can Colored Concrete Be Installed?

  • Kitchens: Colored concrete’s stain and wear-resistant properties make it an apt alternative to tile or linoleum flooring in kitchen areas! Plus, with so many different color and pattern options to choose from at Angelle Materials, you can pick a precise colored concrete mix to tie together the aesthetic of your kitchen. 
  • Garages: Colored concrete can add style to your otherwise plain garage, and the added durability and stain resistance are particularly well-applied in an area in which cars are parked and occasionally experience fluid leaks. 
  • Sidewalks and Driveways: The concrete in your front yard is one of the first things prospective homebuyers will notice about your property. Colored concrete can have its maximum visual impact and boost your curb appeal when installed in these high-visibility areas. 
  • Swimming Pools: Brighten up your pool liner or the area around your pool with a colored concrete design that can make the water depth more visible and enhance the look of your pool hall. 


Choose The Finest Colored Concrete Supplier In Baton Rouge

Colored concrete is a cost-effective way to add durability and aesthetic value to your property, no matter which areas you choose to install it in. If you’re interested in beautifying your Baton Rouge property and want to learn more, visit our Colored Concrete service page to learn more, or call Angelle Materials to get a quote from Baton Rouge’s most experienced concrete suppliers today!